What is humanity and some quotes associated with it


Every person understands what it means to be a human being. In fact, we also recognize the aspect of humanity in others. We always think we do know what humanity is by getting to know what we regard as obvious, which in its deep meaning is not obvious. Humanity is a broad subject wit many definitions. First, it can be the civil rights or the social causes. This is the point where a person will always be willing to treat another person with utmost care, dignity and compassion. This means trying to respect that common humanity feeling in the person you are aware of next to you.

In other instances, humanity might refer to the human race and the population of the world in general. It might be the nature of human, which reflects on the psychological attributes found in the human species. In simple terms, humanity might be defined as the condition of human being and their virtues shown to others.

Some humanity quotes

In different parts of the world, many humanity quotes help to define and even make people do the right thing. Here are some quotes relating to humanity.

People need a better motivation. Having compassion, lacking dogmatism, without complicated philosophies, and understanding that the population is in fact brothers or sisters thus respecting their rights and human dignities. As humans, we have to help one another in our own unique capacity. This is according to Gyatso Tenzin.

Another humanity quote by Joshua Heschel Abraham is that: a religious person is the one who knows existence of God and other men in their thoughts in different times, especially those suffering from harm because of other people action. Their bigger passion comes with greatest strength and despair in their love.

Another humanity quote by Reed Henry says that all people in the world are inter connected, in different elements of creation.