What Every Dorm Room Must Have

dorm room

Moving into your dorm room can be such an exciting event, you get to go shopping, personalize your own space, and decorate, but don’t forget the essentials of the what a dorm room needs in order to be an effective living space. Without the necessities, your dorm room might end up being a horrible place to spend your time.


Every dorm room needs a certain couple things as essentials that can not be over looked. Having a comfortable bed, a desk and plenty of storage room will make your life much easier and manageable. Having a comfortable bed will help in multiple different aspects. You will not only get your much needed rest, but can be used to comfort you when you need it. When you get sick the last thing you want is to be lying in an uncomfortable bed to make your situation even worse. Even if you are not sick and just need to relax after a long day, your bed can be the difference in relaxing or just making your day even worse.

Having a desk is another very important part of a dorm room. This might be an obvious thing to have when in a dorm, but a lot of people don’t think to get one until it dawns on them that they need it. A desk will not just help with homework you might have but can also be used as a computer desk, a storage unit, hold an extra mirror, or many other different type of uses.

Storage space is the biggest thing you should think of when setting up your dorm room. Having storage space will allow you to not along be more organized but keep your dorm room clean. Anyone that has lived in a dorm knows that storage space is always an issue, so buying some extra shelves, under the bed boxes, dressers, or anything that will help you maintain your items will be a massive help in the long run. A big issue you will run into if you do not have enough storage space is need to place your stuff all over your dorm room making it messy, crowded, and unpleasant to the eye.

Personalize your dorm

One of the best thing you can do to your dorm room is personalize it. A lot of dorm rooms are shared, so you might be limited as far as what you can personalize. Make sure your space counts! The goal with personalizing your dorm room is to make it place you enjoy to be, so you have your own place to study, relax, and hang out all at the same time.

Put up posters of your favorite artists, hobbies, or anything else you might enjoy. Decorate you dorm room with items that will bring you to love your new living space. Don’t stop decorating and personalizing your dorm room until you feel at home. You will be spending so much time in it, why not keep it the exact way you want it?