Top 10 Destinations

Is your New Year’s resolution to travel more? To step outside your comfort zone and put on those hefty tourist boots? We’ve compiled a list of MUST-SEE destinations for 2013.
Montenegro is a hidden corner of Europe, which only gained independence in 2006. There is a lot of History there. In particular Kotor, a town that dates back to the medieval times. Montenegro sits on a beautiful tranquil lakeside location.
South Korea
Home of the extravagant PSY and ‘Gangnam Style’ the highest viewed video on YouTube. But don’t let that put you off, South Korea has a lot to offer, with its growing reputation of a recreational destination; a great place for fishing, hiking and golfing.
Bahia, Brazil
Now is the time to visit Bahia and its luxurious beaches, before the crowds descend for the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics.
Iceland is compacted with some of the most breath-taking landscapes on earth, which would sit perfectly in any Lord of the Rings film. Discover the enormous waterfalls and volcanoes, geysers and crackling glaciers. It’s an ideal trip for those hungry for the great outdoors. Iceland will be on the top of most destination guides this year, as 2013 is a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of the phenomenal Northern Lights, as the Cycle reaches its 11 year peak.
Marseille, France
Marseille is smartening itself up in hope to become European Capital of Culture 2013; so there will be plenty of cultural events happening throughout the year.
A top location for archaeology enthusiasts with the Lasta Mountains, monuments and churches. It’s also great for those wanting to indulge in fine food and luxury.
Amsterdam is full of celebrations this year; the world famous state museum is set to reopen its doors in April after a decade. Tourists from Australia, Europe and China come to this city to take advantage of this diverse culture. It is easy for Aussies to find a great deal on a flight through Expedia to Amsterdam online almost year round. If you are coming from Europe or China, planning a vacation here is simple and cheap. This year will mark Vincent Van Gogh’s 160th  birthday of his national treasure. The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, one the world’s best is celebrating 125 years with a very special concert. If you’re looking for a party then Amsterdam is definitely the place to go this year!
Derry, Northern Ireland
The world’s biggest Irish festival is something you don’t want to miss and this year it’s happening in Derry. Derry is also the UK’s Capital of Culture for 2013. It’s also going to be hosting the Turner Prize.
The new James Bond film had everyone wanting to run away to Scotland. Known for its dramatic countryside; the entire length of the country (750 kilometres) can now be walked via the recently pronounced Gore-Tex Trail.
Sri Lanka
It’s overcome a 26-year civil war which ended in 2009 along with the devastating tsunami that hit in 2004. However Sri Lanka has bounced back and is one of the best-value destinations to date. It’s long-lived culture and fab beaches make it a great holiday destination!
Author Bio: Rob is a battle-scarred backpacker and enthusiastic travel blogger who loves nothing more than regaling people with his tales of traveling the backwaters of the world – just be thankful you only read his ramblings and don’t have to listen to him.