The great achievements of human ancestors

History of humankind dates back to several thousand years. Ancient history covers a major part of this period beginning from the rise of early civilizations up to the Middle Ages. Some of the early civilizations that became significant milestones in ancient human history include Egyptians, Greek, Vikings, Romans, Anglo Saoxns, and Ancient India civilization. These civilizations rose to their glory and featured many aspects that amaze people up to now. The Pyramids of Egypt, Greek Philosophy, Roman concept of Democratic principles, ancient Indian mysticism to date are considered worthy of appreciation.

Egyptian civilization is considered one of the earliest ancient history civilizations. The civilization prospered in and around the banks of river Nile like all other major civilizations. Most remembered for the magnificent pyramids, the civilization in many respects symbolized humankind attempts to have a definite social order to sustain living. The science of mummification (preservation of dead bodies) mastered by the early Egyptians was one of the marvels of the civilizations. Discovery of tombs of Pharaohs (kings) shed much light on how early Egyptians use to live and conduct day-to-day affairs. It is intriguing to know the beliefs that Pharaohs harbored and the type of work they undertook because of what they believed.

Greek civilization even through an ancient civilization carried all characteristics of a modern society. Olympics, the greatest sporting extravaganza in present time was started by Greeks. The concept of human equality and dignity, the precursor of modern living, first became known during this period. Greek philosophers like Socrates, Plato are still studied by students of philosophy and their teachings are still as relevant today as they were thousands of years back.

Ancient history cannot be complete without mentioning the spoils of the great Roman civilization, a civilization that gave great heroes who by their courage, bravery and wisdom helped to establish a kingdom that continued to thrive for many centuries. Romans, inspired by the Greek principles went forward and put into practice these principles. Romans believed in living a good life. They frequently indulged in dining and wining, and enjoying arena fights between gladiators.
Anglo Saxons, a group of German settlers who migrated and settled in Britain are the ancestors of British people. Their way of living and their beliefs continued to inspire many generations of people. They eulogized the virtues of living a dignified and God-fearing life that is still being practiced by British people.

Ancient Indian civilization is one of the oldest civilizations in ancient history. The origin of the civilization is yet a contentious subject as different historians have different views. The civilization said to have originated somewhere near 3000-to-2000 BC. The mystics of the ancient India had a profound impact on the society. Exploring the metaphysical world, they were the vanguard in inspiring people to take the righteous path for the emancipation of the soul. Yoga, a much known art of mental and spiritual upliftemnt, was a gift of these mystics.

Ancient history offers an interesting look into the ways and beliefs of people. It is sometimes intriguing and sometimes fascinating to know what inspired the people to undertake great tasks and activities.