Sespitreras-The Best Boutique Hotel in Ibiza


The best conception for life is that it’s a one time shot. So basically, you need to make the most out of your existence. If you’ve been playing Jack of All Trades in the office lately and have been going beyond the regular working hours, you should make a pause – have some time to chill with the family. Where to?The Mediterranean sea, particularly in a wonderful Balearic Island that sits at the Valencia City of Spain’s coast: Ibiza.

For a cozy place to stay, nothing beats Sespitreras your boutique hotel in Ibiza.

If you want to know what small luxury looks like, then you should check out what Sespitreras has got to boast. As you may know it’s one of the best boutique hotels subsisting in Ibiza due to its wonderful amenities that every tourist would surely want to go back for holiday after holiday. It preserves the genuine spirit of Ibiza during the 70′s and is a great place to crash for any tourist who seeks for a memorable vacation experience. The first thing you would want to do is to be fully replenished by the signature Turkish bath. If you’ve been disoriented lately due to the stress you got from work overload, might as well indulge into hydromassage pools and regain the balance you once had inside and out.

Are your taste buds craving for quality cuisine? Good news! The restaurant goes right after the pool and is surrounded by palm trees, bougainvilleas and yucca plants that make a great garden themed place to eat. So while you’re satisfying your cravings with all the cocktails, healthy meals and fruitful desserts you can pig out on, you also get to feel pure tranquility that you can never have on the usual urban setting.

If a wonderful time with the entire family is what you’re after, visit Sespitreras now. With all the features you can take advantage of for your own comfort and entertainment, not a single penny will definitely go to waste. Enjoy!