Mother and child: an unbreakable bond

mum and child

From the moment the pregnancy test reads positive, the unavoidable reality of parenthood especially motherhood kicks in. Whether planned or unplanned, pregnancies bring forth a bond between a mother and the child, ” When I found out I was pregnant I couldn’t control my emotions, I was very excited and the first ultra sounds heightened it all; when I felt their first kicks, my only response were tears of joy welling in my eyes.” confessed a mother of twins.

young couplesPerhaps all mothers have a similar experience, no matter how old you are they carry with them a fresh tale of how you were conceived, born and raised and if you ask a child about his or her mother, they talk of her so honestly without fear or favor. Maternal instincts are a natural feminine trait, every inch in a mother’s body aches and yearns to see that her child is fully loved, cared for and protected, this love impulse hard wired in the brain is also reciprocated by the child.Most children retreat into the caring loving arms of their mothers when faced with an over powering challenge or situation, they see their mothers as a guardian angel who walked by their side from the moment the breath of fresh air stung their nostrils at birth.

The Unbreakable Bond: Why it is so

During pregnancy the physical bond between the mother and child is characterized by the umbilical cord, the womb provides the best environment for the foetus to grow; nutrients from the mother are shared to the baby through the umbilical cord. After birth this bond comes to an end and another special bond is developed, psychological and emotional attachment between the mother and child begins. While every mother loves all her children equally, she relates differently with each of them; owing to the different characters that every person has which she is well aware of in her children. This second bond cushions all children and provides all the psychological and emotional foundation required as a physical and social buffer to thrive and survive in this world.

As children grow they become attached to their primary care giver, in this case their mothers. They feel secure to explore the environment around them in the presence of their mothers; this explains why most people no matter how grown they are oftentimes consult their mothers advice and opinion before venturing into anything. When distressed her presence comforts them, insecurely attached children will seek their mothers comfort but rarely do they get assurance from them. Trust in this situation is very key, children have natural love instincts for their mothers, how much trust they can place in them is what deters most insecurely attached children from bonding well with their mothers. The unbreakable bond is also a major factor in the social development of the child, a child’s social relations grow nourished with the enriching norms taken after her mother, emulating her every move. No matter how tense the unbreakable bond is, it is one of the strongest in a person’s life.