Meditation Improves Memory and Attention


Meditation goes beyond relaxing the body and mind. It also helps you to reflect deeply, be more alert and to stay focused. Since meditation requires your mind to focus on simple things such as breathing, is music for meditation really helpful? Will it enhance or get in the way of meditation?

Some people find music really helpful during meditation. They say it enhances their meditation by making them feel more relaxed and calm. Their meditation gets deeper and they are able to reflect more than they did when they did meditation without the meditation music. For others, music only serves as a distraction during meditation making them unable to focus. Therefore, it is very important to know the group which you belong. The only way to find out is listening to meditation music while you meditate and see how it goes. If it makes your meditation richer and more satisfying, then go for it every time you meditate. Music can be a very powerful mediation tool and can help you reach the meditation levels you never thought you would.

Parijat Forgiving, Grace Music for Healing and Meditation (8 min)