How to help Humanity, and Yourself at the Same Time!

When it comes to thinking outside the box, most of us think that is fine until the time comes when we need to actually reevaluate our situation. Humans are individuals and with that comes unique abilities to comprehend and even to be able to differentiate between what is a problem and what isn’t. Some circumstances register as critical for some, but not for others.

Scientists need to have microscopes that are clean and not cloudy, so that they can identify what specific bacteria is before their eyes. Sounds are heard at different frequencies by different people and what this displays is that different frequencies of light and sound come into our brain are transmitted into symbols, or words that the population uses to communicate.

When a mechanic looks at an auto engine, or a musician reads the notes to his music, it makes complete sense to these professionals. How many people can look into a car engine and find anything but confusion? The sounds of the musician could sound like a symphony to one set of ears and just a series of notes to another set. To the untrained ear and eye, both of these scenarios would only add discomfort from confusion, which could go beyond interpretation.

Very few people typically understand finances and economics on a national level, but that doesn’t stop the conversations from going on, rationalizing the egos as all types of opinions and solutions for our economy unfold. Of course, nothing gets accomplished from this time consuming past-time, but the enhancing of the level of the opinions.

The point to catch here is that most people do not like to get out of their preconstructed comfort zone, unless they are forced to by a crisis which shocks them out or they discover that their world views and concepts concerning life are not bringing them success anymore. Only when most are desperate to get back to some sense of normalcy will they accept change. The best any of us can do is to take one step at a time out of our box because change is the only way to survive.