Create Modern or Vintage Interior Design

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There are two kinds of approaches to interior design. These include the modern and vintage styles. The former requires contemporary accessories such as bright bathroom faucets, sliding metallic hinges on the doors and linear, rectangular rooms. It also goes for eco-friendly lighting paraphernalia such as solar lights for the bathroom. The traditional design, on the other hand, comes with elaborate, tastefully furnished rooms, featuring chandeliers for lighting and exotic artworks from various parts of the world to create an exotic aura. The following is a guide on how to achieve the two styles featuring different rooms using the services of an interior designer.

The Modern Design

There are two areas where the modern style of interior design plays its part. These include commercial and home environments. Both feature smart furniture arrangement and aesthetic color selection. The latter can be warm or cold colors. Warm hues are suitable for an office or a home parlor while the cold colors like cool green suit hospital environments. The following are rooms to consider when creating a contemporary look.

The Contemporary Bathroom

The best materials suitable for creating a functional bathroom include metal, wood and glass. Pocket metallic doors that open by a revolving mechanism have become common in modern bathrooms due to their convenience of use. There should also be decorative yet functional wooden appliances, such as door frames. The faucets on the showerheads, which are conspicuous in this room, can come from bright metallic materials. In fact, there are tens of colors to choose from for the best results.

The Modern Parlor/Office

Depending on the size of the parlor or office room, esthetics of interior design will always play out at achieving the best look. The best furniture for the office includes swivel chairs and round tables, which not only minimize space but centralize meeting points. Materials to go for include leather upholsters for couches and wooden furniture with a deep, mahogany varnish to create appeal. Furnishings for a parlor include silk draperies that hang over windows, while those for offices can be bright-colored curtains. Doors for these often used rooms should be convenient, and can include a revolving door for the corporate room and a hinge door with a functional oval shape for the living room.

Traditional Design

Any interior design consideration, even if modern, must borrow some element from vintage styles. The most common is elaborate walnut furniture that creates an extraordinary heavily-laden look that is the opposite of the light, contemporary design. The following are the styles to go for in various rooms:

Vintage Kitchen Accessories

Countertops that provide lengthy platforms for performing culinary functions play the same role as a traditional dresser or cabinet shelf in this kind of interior design. They not only reduce space for the fireplace but can also bring about an exotic look to the room. This is because they can come from valuable materials like walnut, pine or mahogany with a deep finishing.

Bathroom Tubs

Instead of a showerhead, one can seek a traditional tub that is made of quartz which gives it a shiny appearance, besides being durable. It is also stainless and offers a high level of resistance to scratches. It can either be standalone or part of the wall. Other natural materials to go for include a tasteful wardrobe for doing the toilette after a bath.

Thus, there are two types of interior design styles to choose from, including modern and traditional. While the former goes for light, linear and eco-friendly accessories, the latter carries on the durability of a heavy-set room with its time-tested furniture made of mahogany and quartz. What an office demands is slightly different from the needs of a parlor. While the corporate room requires a selection of huge furniture like round tables, the living room needs an aggregation of tasteful furniture that the whole family and guests can use. Whether seeking to achieve a vintage or contemporary look, it is always necessary to create perspective. High rooms can work with a vertical arrangement to reduce the sheer height by, for instance, going for lengthy couches. The low room, on the other hand, requires the opposite effect, of going for vertical arrangement such as high backed chairs, to create the lacking height. Though many of these arrangements are easy to achieve from a do-it-yourself perspective, one may require an interior designer to create a true masterpiece. This professional caters for the esthetics of space, form and material, all of which are important aspects of any décor.