Authors that shaped the twentieth century

It is said that there are some books that should be only tasted, few that should be chewed till digested: some to be read with curiosity, and some need reading with diligent attention. So is the case with the book authors. English literature is filled with the variety of authors that designed the 20th century literature.

Few famous names of book authors that shaped the twentieth century literature are: George Orwell who was a great essayist and novelist and his writings are famous for social and political issues like poverty colonialism etc.

Agatha Christie is a criminal writer who is popularly known as ‘Queen of crime’ has given a new direction to mystery stories and novels.
Ian Fleming the writer of James Bond needs no introduction about his genres. C.S.lewis is another fiction writer who wrote famous books like chronicle of Narnia, The Lords of the Rings, that has given a whole new outlook to fiction. While talking about contemporary writers we cannot forget the name J.K Rowling a writer of harry potter, Enid Blyton whom children adores and Selman Rushdie whose Midnights children won booker prize.

There are others like Isabel Allende who wrote house of spirits and created a writing style of magical realism. Jonathan franzen writer of the corrections that won the national book award 2001. Zadie Smith introduced hysterical realism in the novels.
Thomas hardy writer of Far from the Madding Crowd who is regional novelist that also provide with speculative romance. And we cannot forget Rudyard Kipling for he is versatile writer and gave us his Jungle Book.
Also there is Virginia Woolf who introduced us to ‘stream of consciousness’ and T.S.Eliot who is a remarkable poet.

However there are many book authors who wrote about comedy tragedy, scientific fiction, fairy tales etc but what is common to their writing is the dominance of sadistic idea. Although they tried hard to avoid it but it was present in their writing because writers are inspired by the society itself.